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Choosing the correct electrician is not just about availability or price. It is also about security and doing the work right. You cannot afford to place your business, your family or your home in the hands of anyone who just claims to be electricians. You need to ensure that you are working with a well qualified and trained professional. Our company will do the groundwork for you by employing the best electricians only. All our work meets local and national building codes for peace of your mind and your protection. We even stand behind our services with our quality guarantee. In the whole Tempe and surrounding areas, we’ve you covered.

Full Range Of Electrical Services And Solutions

Older buildings and homes across the Tempe still contain old electrical and wiring systems that just cannot meet the demand of today’s electronics and appliances. Whether you are making your house more livable or beginning from scratch with customized construction, our team of skilled and experienced electricians can assist. Our full range of commercial and residential electrical services includes:

  • Upgraded circuit panel
  • Ceiling fan installations
  • Finishing attic or basement spaces
  • Upgraded outlets, wiring, and light switches replacement in older houses
  • New phone and data lines
  • All kinds of lighting installations
  • Parking lot sign and lighting repair
  • Emergency lighting
  • Lighting motion sensors
  • Machinery wiring

Installation, maintenance, and repair for generators, including:

  • home generator
  • automatic home standby generator
  • whole house generator
  • propane generator
  • natural gas generator
  • LP generator

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emergency SERVICES

All the services that we provide are guaranteed.Our experts has experience with all these kind of emergency services.

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Electrical Repair Services

When you’re having electrical issues, we are just a call away from you. Same-day appointments often are available, and our electricians are available to help you even during extended business hours, with any schedule. Our employee will be accessible to you easily by phone for 24*7 whenever an electrical based emergency occurs. We use flat rate price plan and offer free quotes, so that you’ll know the costs up front always — before the work starts.

Our Difference

Whether you are dealing with tripped breaker because of a defective surge protector, bad ground faults circuit interrupter, or a total electrical meltdown, we are available readily. If you think of anything, our electricians can quickly make it happen for you.

We will wire your brand new ceiling fans, do your remodeling & re-wiring projects, hook up the emergency generator and even do switch swap-out for room sensors which turn the lights automatically, both on and off. We have been serving the Tempe and its residents for years. We are ready to quickly get to work in order to brighten your life up.

Schedule Electrical Repairs in The Area Today Itself!

Regardless of what your electrical needs are, you can trust us to get the work done effectively and efficiently. We take great pride in offering quality guarantee, flat rate pricing, and emergency repair services to our clients. For reputable and reliable services, give a call to us right away.